About JP

JustifiablyPolemical was founded by request. The Polemicist, aka “TP,” is an engineer and an analyst. As a hobby, he likes to fact-check the news media, politicians, activist groups, etc. After investigating numerous hot-button topics (Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialism), he realized just how truly uninformed people really are. Through social media and simple outlets, he shared the information he gathered with friends and colleagues. As time passed, people began requesting that he analyze topics, and so was born the idea for this website.

The Polemicist’s ideals are simple.

  • Help people be as informed as possible.
  • Stay objective, all the time, every time.

At JustifiablyPolemical, you won’t find information intended to bias or distort your point of view. You’ll find objective, rational analyses, and while The Polemicist admits he might share his opinion, it is his hope that you will develop your own independently.

When you visit our site, we encourage you to share your findings with friends. Our information will oftentimes be contrarian. Distribute it. Create dialogue with those of different opinions. Only then can we begin to solve our problems. After all, we’re only six degrees of separation from anyone in the world. Who will you inform?