Donald Trump’s Numbers Surge with Minorities

Something I wanted to show you guys. I found a poll that was, obviously, not publicized very much from the last month, showing actual candidate support by race. Here are the numbers

Whites for Donald Trump: 45%
Whites for Hillary Clinton: 39%

I guess you could say that isn’t much of a surprise. But let’s keep looking.

African Americans for Donald Trump: 19%
African Americans for Hillary Clinton: 73%

Folks, that is the highest amount of African American vote that a Republican has carried in over half a century. Surely there isn’t more you say!!

Hispanics for Donald Trump: 36%
Hispanics for Hillary Clinton: 47%

What was that, Democrats? The Republicans are racists? Hmm… Guess the people you’ve been screwing over for the past 100 years aren’t buying it anymore.

Since this poll was done, Donald Trump’s numbers have surged with minorities. Change is coming. Keep it going.




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