My Thoughts on Charlotte

Warning: This post comes with no editing or revising. I’m just going to start typing and type until I’m finished.

I’m not in the mood to do any number crunching. By now, you guys know how I feel about Black Lives Matter, but in case you forgot, Black Lives Matter doesn’t matter to me. You see, a few days ago, someone very close to me accused me of being racist because of my opinions. What that person doesn’t realize is that they are what’s wrong with the world. How do we come up with solutions when you label someone as evil simply because you don’t understand their point of view (side note: the individual definitely didn’t)? Better yet, how do we come up with solutions when you label someone as evil simply because you don’t want to understand their point of view (side note again: the individual definitely didn’t)? That same person told me that what I write here only works more to divide people and fuel hatred. I hope that isn’t what I’m doing, but if the good Lord feels that things need to get worse before they get better, at least I’ll know my contributions to making things worse were done with good intentions.

I’m an east coast native. I have very close friends (read: might as well be family) in and around Charlotte. I feel sorry for them. Sorry that the disgusting disease infecting Baltimore and Ferguson made it to Charlotte, but more importantly, sorry that the country’s leaders are too busy trying to find ways to profit off the hatred than find ways to protect people, and now it’s their turn to take the punishment. Even more important than those, however… I’m sorry that people are so misinformed that we allow these things to continue. I mean what I said about punishment literally, as the Charlotte PD has stated that 70% of the rioters arrested were not from Charlotte.

We live in a bizarre age. The millennials are getting older but not wiser. Thomas Jefferson was thirty-three years old when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Today we light a city on fire because someone in that same age group screams “they shot my daddy” on Facebook. We do it without proof. We do it simply because “daddy” was black. We are a simple-minded, pathetic people. The power to influence people has never been more readily available, yet the influences we select have never been more flawed.  I almost don’t blame the political left for not giving people their liberties back, because God only knows what stupid shit we’d do with them. But folks, we’ll never fix anything without them.

Every day, I walk to lunch. It takes me about 15 minutes to get to the area where I decide what I’m going to eat, but during that 15 minutes, I listen to music and think. Whatever is on my mind that day, that’s when I knock it out. Fifteen minutes to lunch, fifteen minutes back to the office. Today, my music pulled up a song I hadn’t heard in years, and it is a song was born from a place not too far from Charlotte. A few hours away from Charlotte is Columbia, South Carolina. Known for a few things, including being a really great place to watch really bad college football, Columbia also is the birthplace of Hootie & The Blowfish. If you’ve got any white privilege jokes, now’s a pretty good time to make them, because Darius Rucker probably has disproportionately more white fans and fewer black ones than any black man in history, but I digress. One of Hootie & The Blowfish’s songs is entitled, “State Your Peace”.  It spoke to me about why I write what I write regardless of how contrarian or alone I am in my opinions. I can tell you right now, if you require a group of people to tell you how right you are in order to prove your point (looking at you, BLM), you’re on the wrong side.

Hootie & The Blowfish, “State Your Peace”:

Why am I always the last one to say how I feel?
It’s like driving down the middle of the road
with no hands on the wheel

And I keep hearing stories about the guy who was killed while he prayed
Well you should go ahead and say it ’cause we’re all gonna die anyway

State your peace,
Go ahead and say it I swear it can’t get much worse
Make a piece of history,
a blessing from a curse… before it gets worse

You can try and be a hero but people keep dying everyday
You can keep earning money but your money keeps burning away

And it feels like the future’s always waiting on the tip of my tongue
Like a cat holding back ’till it’s too late the damage is done

State your peace,
go ahead and say it,
I swear it can’t get much worse
Make a piece of history,
a blessing from a curse… before it gets worse

You can try and change the world by showing everyone a better way
But the world’s gonna do what the world’s gonna do at the end of the day

State your peace,
go ahead and say it,
I swear it can’t get much worse
Make your peace with history,
a blessing from a curse
State your peace
blow it wide open, did you find you an oyster pearl
Make your peace with history
you just might be the one who can change the world

Can you save the world
You can change the world

Prayers for Charlotte. Prayers for everyone.




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