The “Viral” Virus

Part I: The Viral Virus

Part II: Thank you, sir. May I have another?

Part III: Hate Crimes, or Just Haters?

I decided to kick this thing off by digging something out of my palm. What was it? Oh, just my face any time I open Facebook. What am I talking about? The things we, as pseudo-intellectual beings, “share” to support our points of view on various initiatives, causes, politicians, etc.. etc.. etc. Let’s take a look at a couple, courtesy of Occupy Democrats. I like to pick on “OD” quite a bit. Why? Well, in a world of good, honest people just trying to make the best decisions possible for their communities and country, OD is a cornucopia of asinine and baseless information whose only objective seems to be that I eventually leave a nose-shaped bruise in my hand. Let’s take a gander at some of their material.


This is why they say black lives matter? Oh. I thought it was why they say that black and white math matters. Before I even dig into the numbers, I want to point out that the source used by OD is ProPublica. Why is that important? Well, ProPublica is an independent journalism site. They aren’t the Bureau of Justice Statistics. So, right off the bat, we can confirm that OD doesn’t really care about the source of their information. They care about the twisted message they can deliver with it.

In the interest of good faith, I’m going to break down the actual numbers. Unlike OD, I actually got my information here, from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.


Note: The image above does not separate the Hispanic population from the white population.

The above table represents homicides only, but I’m going to operate under the assumption that homicide rates correlate very closely to violent crime rates, and therefore, encounters with police. If we compare the white to black rate of offenders per 100,000 citizens, you will see that while there are 4.5 white offenders per 100,000 white individuals, there are 34.4 black offenders per 100,000 black offenders. Therefore, black individuals commit homicides at nearly 800% the rate of white individuals, per capita. Despite the fact that black people only account for 12.6% of the population, they commit over half of all homicides. Let’s make the reasonable assumption that if black individuals commit homicides at nearly 800% the rate of white individuals, they likely encounter the police at an equally high rate.

One would think that if black people have such an alarmingly high rate of violent criminals, wouldn’t they also have an alarmingly high rate of deaths by police, as Occupy Democrats suggests? Actually, they don’t. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Surely he’s not going to say that in spite of producing over half of all violent criminals, more white people are shot, is he?” Well… here’s some data showing police killings by race for 2016, courtesy of The Washington Post (a relatively liberal source in itself).

Infographic: Breakdown of U.S. citizens killed by police in 2016 | Statista

As you can see, despite over 50% of homicides being carried out by black criminals, they represent only 24% of the individuals killed by police. The 2010 census reported a black population of 37,685,848. If we extrapolate the 123 black individuals killed by police to a full-year expectation of 246, that is still only computes to 6.52 deaths by police per million black citizens. That’s a little different from the 31.17 reported by OD, but they don’t care.

But what about the white people? Let’s do the same thing. Extrapolating 238 out to a full year total gives us a grand total of 476 dead white people killed by police. And their population per the 2010 census? 196,817,552. That’s 2.42 deaths by police per million white citizens. Instead of the 3,000% difference reported by Occupy Democrats, it’s actually only 300%. If we include Hispanics in the white category, it’s 2.56 deaths by police per million Hispanic and white citizens combined. Despite the fact that black people commit violent crimes at 800% the rate of White and Hispanics combined, they are only killed by police at 255% of the rate of White and Hispanic criminals combined.

Before continuing, I want to make sure it’s known that I’m not denying a police brutality problem in this country. The US seems to enjoy an unhealthily-militarized police force for reasons I do not fully comprehend, and we seem to justify a beatdown from the local lawman more often than we should. That said, Occupy Democrats would have us believe only that police brutality is a much more severe issue if you’re a person of color, but as you can see, there is absolutely no racial disparity, at all. The BLM narrative is simply a fraud.

That’s enough debunking for now. I want to discuss what concerns me even more than the lies fed to millions of social media users thanks to the writers of Occupy Democrats whose shoes I’d hate to be wearing on Judgment Day. What truly scares me is the lack of effort required for people to believe that the numbers these jokers report are actually true.  Take a look at this study by Columbia University and understand why I call this the “viral” virus:

6 in 10 of you will share this link without reading it, a new, depressing study says

Per the Post, this conclusion was drawn:

59 percent of links shared on social media have never actually been clicked: In other words, most people appear to retweet news without ever reading it.

Ladies and gents, if we’re ever going to see our society progress, we have to stop seeing our intellect regress. If you’ve made it this far, then I applaud you, you’re part of the solution. Now share this page, and let’s see who else can join in. After all, you’re only six degrees of separation away from the rest of the world.



Part II: Thank you, sir. May I have another?

Part III: Hate Crimes, or Just Haters?



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